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In a world fulfilled of hypes and fuss. How do you achieve success?

Focused on human experience, Rosalynd creates and ideates accurate, tailored and personalised marketing solutions for you and with you. 

Therefore three packages are the beginning of the story: start-up, fix-it and continuation, although you may only need a retouch! Rosalynd offers a wide range of marketing solutions.

Rosalynd vision is to support your entrepreneurial endeavours. 

Rosalynd's humble mission is to go hand in hand on your path to success where the part of achieving success is owning with pride who you are.

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Tell me your story


After thoroughly observing SME, Start-ups and business lifestyles, Rosalynd decided to help other entrepreneurs to success, creating a personalised package to each customer. Not all of you need the same, although a few repeating features are there. In this hype and fussy digital world, to stand out of the crowd, your business needs to distinguish itself utilising personalisation when providing accurate solutions. Three packages are the beginning of the story: start-up, fix-it and continuation.

Start-up package

Start-up package

Rosalynd believes each customer is an inspirational and unique story which needs to customise its brand content strategy aligning to its’ customers goals. Your Start-up package will include branding service, product marketing, the launch of an accurate number of marketing channels with relevant and appealing types of content. Rosalynd will help you to distinguish from the crowd, seeding your business in your target market.

Fix-it package

Fix-it package

Rosalynd like you it’s a brand, a Start-up, itself who faces and overcome challenges day by day. Consequently, Rosalynd can speak your language when providing better fitting marketing solutions within your target market niche. Rosalynd will plan a strategic enhancement of your marketing activities and even a full makeover to your brand, aiming to turn around your challenges into opportunities; so do to boost revenue.

Continuation Package

Continuation Package

Rosalynd first met you when giving you a hand with Start-Up or Fix-it package, together we elaborated awesome solutions to set your business ready to face the world. Thanks for your trust! Henceforth, Rosalynd mission to sustain supporting to your business growth and strategic leading in your market niche. As your creative yet analytical partner, Rosalynd will ideate fitting solutions for your business.


As entrepreneurs, our ultimate goal is to outperform our competitors whilst supplying accurate solutions to our end-users. Rosalynd will help you to cultivate sustainable growth providing you with cutting-edge marketing solutions to boost your brand perception and make a data-driven decision when purchasing personalise services. Sometimes, all you need, it's merely a retouch!

Content Creation

Year in, year out, personalised and authentic content creation is what your business needs. Now, what your customers need is content that educates them on how your business' solutions are the best fit for their challenges or issues. Not forgetting to entertain them! We all need to put a smile on our customer's faces for a better world!

Marketing Consultation

Hi, there! Rosalynd will set timeframe to supporting your business on your current marketing efforts, tackling your challenges, exploring strategies, aiming to attain your goals. Rosalynd is devoted to working with people where laughs and serious matters will mingle. Always coffee or tapas are allowed. But the soul of this business is a mix of positive vibes, willingness to be genuine and a big passion for achievement. Let's get started!


Words, used as one of the first ways of communications, setting apart human-beings from other species. However, we are also able to tell a story with no words. How come storytelling become to be so powerful in marketing? And Is actually that effective?

Brand Design

It is not a fluke that Helsinki was World Design Capital in 2012. Strolling the streets of the design district, which offers you the experience to window shopping, visiting design museum will help you deep into design thinking and even more thrilling design experiences the city offers. Undoubtedly, to fit in as 'haute couture' your company's brand offerings, your business has to gather elegance, simplicity and functionality keeping in the back of your mind what the adage says: 'dress to impress’.

Brand marketing

Brand marketing is all about emotions you awake on your target customers: the human brain is wired for stories. One powerful way to connect with stories. Let's craft your story together!

Offline advertising

Rosalynd offers on an exceptional fee the followings business cards, roll-ups, banners, brochures, leaflets and posters.

Search engine marketing

Unquestionably, it is a must to do an SEO audit of your site after a particular time. Rosalynd will base your Search Engine Marketing strategy on quality, relevant and authoritarian content aligning it with the continued updates of the search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Oh my gosh, this is your so-called SoMe moment! Have you ever heard that? A lot, tons of times! Fast-paced, extremely ungrateful yet so desired to be 'famous' within social media. Your business will need to keep up with changes in the algorithms and continuous creation of marketing material to feed your channels, spreading your brand's message.

Web design

You got only one first chance to impress and wow your customers' expectations. All starts with the essential marketing tool your business has in its pocket, your website. When your customers, leads and prospects will browse your site, has to be simple, elegant and functional. While loudly, you are saying this is me to the world, remember to add value too to your community! Make your customers' life easy to purchase your products and services. Educate them, why do you exist and how do you add value to their businesses.

The Team

We are also a Start-up in Helsinki, Finland! We are currently a team of people who enjoy working with people, helping businesses to undertake their marketing challenges. Each campaign created by our team will be like our sprout. We will use the right amount of water, the right proportion of nutrients and of course, good lighting, altogether, it will only lead your business to flourish!

Sussy Sáenz - Brand Marketer | Customer advocate | Business Designer

Sussy Sáenz

Brand Marketer | Customer advocate | Business Designer

Sussy Sáenz is an accomplished brand and marketing strategist with history of shaping company’s public profile to the point of cult status. Recognised for bringing to life standout product launch campaigns that effectively reinforce and build brand images. Demonstrated focus on increasing brand visibility and product acceptability in targeted market.

Olli Huhtala - Professional Photographer | Salesforce Champion

Olli Huhtala

Professional Photographer | Salesforce Champion

Olli is a passionate project manager and consultant in one package. I aim for perfection and customer satisfaction. He believes in teamwork, innovation and best practices. Olli loves the agile mindset, where taking small steps (with the right attitude) will take you to the goal. He always love working with creative, honest and daring people. His personal motto: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Olli likes to think there is always something to improve. Olli is a professional event, real-state & wedding photographer.

Mateusz Petkiewicz - Web-app Designer | Programmer | Graphic Designer

Mateusz Petkiewicz

Web-app Designer | Programmer | Graphic Designer

Webdesign, Graphic Design, DTP, Product Photography