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Fix-it package

Fix-it package

While going digital is a must today, your marketing efforts shall have to sustain on a very fast-paced algorithms changes, new business ideation, adaptation and proper leading sales channels.

Rosalynd will plan a strategic enhancement of your marketing activities and a full or half-full makeover to your brand.

Letting Rosalynd do the marketing, will allocate time for you to focus on developing your products and supply better services.

Fix-it package's scope will depend on the actions you have taken so far, what has led you to current challenges to tackle together.

Fix-it package's objective is to turn around those challenges into opportunities to boost revenue. In most cases, a radical change is not compulsory, but accurate enhancements where required, it is all that you may need.

Consequently, Fix-it package may cover the same features as the Start-up package, but it does not mean that they are the same:

  • Re-branding, brand re-design and strategies (if needed).
  • UX and UI audit.
  • Current marketing strategies and lead management audit.
  • SEO Audit.
  • SMM Audit
  • New planning.
  • Website, web-app, mobile-app or e-commerce relaunch, including chat boxes and other custom features.
  • Content in multiple languages: website content, social media posts, graphics, videos, video clips, articles, webinars, podcasts, blogs, infographics, storytelling, photography and more.
  • Targeted marketing channels to your market niche, including graphics and first post.
  • PR and Events management.
  • Other solutions fitting you.

Personalised Fix-it package requires tailor-made budgeting of your package. Please book a consultation to personally review what your company may need. Say Help!