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Start-up package

Start-up package

Rosalynd Marketing designs are one step ahead to elevate people's experience by focusing efforts on solutions that will create a lasting impact. Rosalynd works closely with her clients to solve their challenges, creating brands that stand out and build meaningful business relationships with your target clients. Rosalynd helps entrepreneurs to ideate and design innovative and valued products.

Rosalynd key expertise lies in a deep comprehension of human experience, customer experience, user experience, visual design, user interface, and service design. In addition to designing and shipping cutting-edge digital products and services, Rosalynd also helps companies establish world-class design programs that drive growth and enhance your customer experience at the organisational level.

With a clear understanding of user needs, Rosalynd helps you to rethink complex problems, capture unexplored opportunities, and design valuable experiences.

Your Start-up package will include branding service, product marketing, the launch of an accurate number of marketing channels with relevant and appealing types of content. 

Remember, this package will be tailored to your business. Therefore the Start-Up Package may include, but it is not limiting to as follows:

  • Branding, brand design and strategies.

  • UX and UI.

  • Marketing strategies, tactics, and planning.

  • Website, web-app, mobile-app or e-commerce design and launch including chat-boxes and other features on demand.

  • Content in multi-languages: websites content, social media post, graphics, videos, articles, webinars, podcast, blogging, infographics, storytelling, photography and more.

  • Opening your marketing channels, including graphics and first post.

  • Other solutions just for you.

Customise Start-up packaging requires tailor-made budgeting of your package. Please book a consultation to review personally, what your company may need. Say Hello!