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What would you do at life-and-death situation? Play your best cards!

Storytelling is one of the best techniques to create a community, a sense of logging, aligning your brand values with your customers’. Stories are powerful, they tell much more in a universal language than a personalised sales pitch. Said that, it will be good to know what is storytelling for and what is not:

Remember sitting around the campfire and chatting with your friends or family? Those days stick in your memory for a life time, created a connection among these persons on an emotional level. Same example we want to create for your brand. A narrative, a story that tells to your audiences about what your brand stands for, creating an interactive reactions/engagement leading to calls of action. Good to remember that storytelling is not an advertisement or a sales pitch and it shouldn't be boring!

So, how do not be boring? Who on earth loves to hear about dense technical jargon and will carry on engaged and interested in your business pitch throughout business meetings? Not even yourself like it! Neither do your customers. Hence the importance to compile the same information, on a well-crafted story.

How to tell a good story? The narrative arc has three parts: Beginning, tension, and resolutions. A good brand story is: 

  • well organised, we do want to deliver the core message forth to your audience, don't we? 
  • contains educational content that sparks the curiosity of your audience.
  • has a character that all readers can genuinely relate to him/her.
  • a good pinch of entertaining will keeps the engagement on high levels
  • make it memorable! Stick your story to your audience's hearts and minds.

By that, You highlight your chances that:

  1. your audience identifies themselves with the character, therefore, easies the way to your call-to-action (CTA), 
  2. they digest your brand story abstraction into clear messages!

As you might understand by now, Storytelling is an art, and a good storyteller knows his/her audience, delivers the core message clearly, choose an optimal way to tell the story and wake up specific call-to-action. Rosalynd has crafted for you a helpful tool, as follows:

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