Sussy Sáenz - Brand Marketer | Customer advocate | Business Designer

Sussy Sáenz

Brand Marketer | Customer advocate | Business Designer

Sussy Sáenz is an accomplished brand and marketing strategist with history of shaping company’s public profile to the point of cult status. Recognised for bringing to life standout product launch campaigns that effectively reinforce and build brand images. Demonstrated focus on increasing brand visibility and product acceptability in targeted market. Ability to develop content and update to marketing channels. Adept at utilising critical market and competitive research to define target markets and improve product value proposition. Key strengths lie in creating value, understanding of potential audience, relationship building, acquiring new customers, and attaining market share. Solid track history completing large-scale projects and directing diverse teams to solve multiple/complex project issues while meeting deadlines. Tri-lingual in Spanish, English, and Polish language. Excellent knowledge of Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish language. 

• Communication Strategy Development
• Brand & Product Management
• Project Management
• Budgeting & Forecasting
• Event Planning and Management
• Website Content Management
• Strategic Planning
• Risk Management
• Continuous Process Improvement
• Team Building & Leadership
• Relationship Building
• Customer Service